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Klipsch CS-700 2.1 Home Theater System Released

Written on Mar 26, 2008 by Brian and filed under Klipsch, News

Klipsch has announced the CS-700, a 2.1 home theater in a box package that features two satellites, a wireless subwoofer and an A/V center. The CS-700 fills space by using Dolby Virtual Speaker technology, which simulates the effect of a five-speaker system. 

Each compact satellite employs dual magnetically shielded 3-inch woofers and a 0.75-inch magnetically shielded tweeter. The subwoofer utilizes an 8-inch, down-firing woofer and 200 watts of amplifier power to generate hard-hitting bass response. And, due to its compact size and wireless capability, it can easily be hidden away while still delivering dramatic low-end effects.

The CS-700 home theater’s A/V center has an up-converting DVD player that is capable of delivering a 1080i resolution via its HDMI output, so the signal matches the amazing resolution capability of an HD television. The A/V center also features an AM/FM tuner and three auxiliary inputs, allowing users to connect other audio devices to the unit. A universal IR remote control directs all system functions, as well as those of the TV and other entertainment devices.

Available in a sleek black finish, the CS-700 offers a clean, modern design that fits comfortably into any living environment. Essentially plug-and-play, it can be operating in as little as 10 minutes. All it takes is hooking the satellites and TV up to the A/V center using the color-coded wiring, then plugging in the A/V center’s power cord. With respect to the subwoofer, all you have to do is plug its power cord into the wall; no other connections are needed.

Thanks to its KlipschCast™ wireless technology, the CS-700 not only transmits CD-quality audio to its local subwoofer, but also to one or more Klipsch® RoomGroove iPod® speakers, which also incorporates this unique wireless capability.

By themselves, the CS-700 and RoomGroove are top-flight performers; together, they deliver the full potential of a KlipschCast system—wirelessly sending music, TV or movie sound all over your home. There’s no wiring beyond the CS-700 satellites and power cords, no holes to drill and no difficult, time-consuming set up.

How does it work? Simply, through KlipschCast, the CS-700 sends a wireless audio signal to one or more RoomGrooves. This signal can be the same one playing on the CS-700 or something entirely different. The CS-700 is capable of playing up to two separate sources at the same time. For example, the CS-700 can play a DVD movie in the living room, while the RoomGroove broadcasts the CS-700’s AM/FM tuner in the kitchen.

The RoomGroove can also play music locally, utilizing its retractable iPod dock, or through its auxiliary input for other MP3 players. Since the RoomGroove is a transceiver, it can transmit as well as receive, allowing it to send this MP3 music signal to other RoomGroove units throughout the house. In fact, users can create a multi-room music system just with RoomGrooves.

The robust 2.4GHz wireless technology found in the CS-700 and RoomGroove products offers unlimited add-on opportunities. Plus, the technology “sniffs out” the entire 2.4GHz band to detect other wireless technologies in use, such as wireless routers, and then transmits around the spectrum used by those sources.

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