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Sony BDV-IT1000ES & BDV-IS1000 HTiB Blu-ray Systems Announced

Written on Sep 3, 2008 by Brian and filed under News, Sony

Sony has announced their first home theater in a box systems with integrated Blu-ray disc players. The Sony BDV-IT1000ES and BDV-IS1000 are single disc 5.1 channel surround Blu-ray systems with wireless rear speakers that certainly put an exclamation point next to Sony’s offering.

Sony BDV-IT1000ES

Sony BDV-IT1000ES

The BDV-IT1000ES features a new incredibly thin speaker design. The combination of a flat voice coil, light weight and highly rigid composite diaphragm, neodymium magnet and rolled type straight damper allow the full range speaker to measure approximately ¾-inch wide by 22 inches long. The thin, lightweight and solid stainless punch grill gives the speaker a wide aperture and high transmission to avoid sound distortion. The system features a 700W (100W per channel x 7), and a 200W subwoofer.

Sony BDV-IS1000

Sony BDV-IS1000

Taking unobtrusive speaker design to a new level, the new BDV-IS1000 is a micro home-theater-in-a-box system featuring five tiny speakers that are approximately the size of a golf ball. The 5.1 channel Blu-ray Disc surround system still has no problem delivering the full power of traditional home theater products.
Both systems feature Sony’s S-AIR technology, delivering a practical wireless speaker solution. Wireless audio can be transmitted from the main system in the living room to wireless rear speakers for simple surround sound as well as separate audio devices throughout the home, up to 164 feet, by connecting a separate S-AIR AirStation receiver/speaker into a power outlet.

The models are BD-Live capable (firmware update will be available later this fall), featuring an Ethernet connection allowing users to connect to the Internet via their existing service provider to access BD-Live features and easy firmware updates. They are also equipped with an external flash memory port for optional flash memory.

The models offer two 1080p HDMI inputs for adding additional components and can upscale DVDs to 1080p output when connected via HDMI to a compatible high-definition television. The BDV-IT1000ES also includes an infrared repeater (2 in/1 out).

These systems also include Sony’s Digital Media Port, which adds control and connectivity options for music playback through various accessories, including a cradle for iPod® which is included in the system, and a Network Walkman™ cradle, a PC client device and a Bluetooth® adapter (each sold separately, unless noted otherwise).

Pricing and Availability

The BDV-IT1000ES will ship in October for $1,999 while the BDV-IS1000 also ships in October for about $1,000.

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