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When Will More HTiB Systems Offer Blu-ray?

Written on Nov 2, 2008 by Brian and filed under Knowledge Base, News

After we posted a similar question about Bose specifically offering Blu-ray in their home theater in a box systems, we received several questions about other manufacturers and thought it appropriate to address the issue more broadly.

Blu-ray players are still generally expensive, especially for the feature-laden units with the 2.0 profile, which allows them to go online to get special DVD content. In some cases, the price of the Blu-ray player would cost as much as the rest of the HTiB system. And a lot of buyers aren’t sold on the benefits of HD DVD viewing anyway. 

Aside from Sony, who’s largely behind the Blu-ray format in the first place, we’ll probably not see Blu-ray adopted in most value-oriented HTiB systems. If you really want Blu-ray, it’s probably better to buy your home theater system on its own, then add the player of your choice.

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