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Yamaha DVX-700 Home Theater First Thoughts Review

Written on Jan 31, 2009 by Steve and filed under Reviews, Yamaha

We just got the Yamaha DVX-700 home theater system in-house to put through its paces.  We haven’t had enought time to crank out the full review, but thought that a “first thoughts” was in order for this system.  The DVX-700 system consists of the DVR-700 DVD player, NS-P700 satellite speaker pair, and the NS-PSW700 subwoofer.  This 2.1 channel system provides surround sound via Yamaha’s Air Surround Xtreme technology with four surround modes: music, movie, sports, and game.  The upconverting DVD player can output video via HDMI, component, or composite connection to your TV.

Yamaha DVX-700

Yamaha DVX-700

Features Overview

  • FM tuner, Sirius ready, XM ready
  • Slot-load DVD player
  • Capability to plug in a USB drive for MP3, WAV, and MWV playback
  • Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Pro Logic II compatibility
  • iPod compatibility via optional Yamaha Universal Dock (YDS-11)
  • Bluetooth (A2DP) compatibility with Yamaha Bluetooth® Wireless Audio Receiver (YBA-10)
  • Left and right speakers – 70W total output from two 5.5cm woofers and one 2.5cm tweeter (in each unit)
  • Subwoofer – 70W total output from 16.5cm cone

First Thoughts

As we haven’t really gotten in-depth with the product yet, my first thoughts will be centered mostly around the initial setup and design of the DVX-700.  Design-wise, the system looks good, but may have a polarizing effect.  The “ebony and ivory” design scheme, where the top panel of the DVD player and half of the satellite speakers are white while everything is black, is certainly not going to appeal to everyone’s taste or fit in every decor.   The subwoofer and bottom two-thirds of the DVD player are a piano-gloss black.  The top of the DVD player is a matte, pure white panel.  The matte finish hides fingerprints, but just doesn’t fit in with every set-up.  The satellite speakers are covered with mesh – half white and half black.

Yamaha DVX-700 w/ speakers

Yamaha DVX-700 w/ speakers

Besides the color scheme, the build quality is excellent.  The DVD player unit is compact, solid, and built with an overhang on the back to help conceal the wiring.  The subwoofer unit is relatively bulky, but still solid and well built, with a sturdy external case, metal backplane, and nice rubber feet.

Setup was very straightforward.  The subwoofer unit is really the “central” unit in this system.  The DVD player gets its power and sends audio output over the “system control cable”, which is attached to the subwoofer.  Its only other connection is the video output to your TV.  The subwoofer unit gets plugged into your AC outlet and houses all of the connections, from the speaker cables to all of the inputs and the antenna.  On the back of the subwoofer, you’ll find the antenna jack, optical audio inputs, RCA audio inputs, coaxial input, “dock” input for the optional iPod dock, Sirius input, XM input, and left and right speaker output.  If you do have a lot of wires connected, there is an included cover that can be screwed onto the back of the subwoofer to cover things up.

So for me, I had just a few connections – HDMI cable to TV, audio output from TV to subwoofer, the control cable between subwoofer and DVD player, and the speaker connections – to do, and I was up and running.


So far, I’m pretty impressed with the sytem, although am still a little shocked at its sticker price ($1199.99).  Over the next few weeks, we’ll dig in to the manual, play with settings, run through the feature list to see how things work, and examine its audio quality to see if it’s a smart buy.  Stay tuned!

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