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Amazon Disc + On Demand Program Launched

Written on Dec 10, 2009 by Brian and filed under News

Amazon has launched a new program called Disc + On Demand which will give consumers who buy one of a select bunch of DVD and Blu-ray titles instant access to the digital version on Amazon’s Video On Demand service. Buyers will now have both immediate access to the title on Amazon VOD, along with the hard copy of the disk.

amazon vod disc-plus

The idea makes sense in an effort in increase adoption of Amazon’s on demand services. Once you buy the hard copy, the digital will be available in your account to watch online, via streaming box like the Roku player or compatible Blu-ray player. The movies can also be downloaded to a PC. The only down side is the digital copy is standard definition only, so if you buy the Blu-ray version of a movie, you’re not getting the HD digital version. But it’s free, so there’s not a lot to complain about.

The program is available for a limited time. More information is available on the Amazon promotion page.

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