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Yamaha Announces New HTiB, AVRs w/ HDMI 1.4 Support

Written on Apr 5, 2010 by Charles Jefferies and filed under News, Yamaha

Home Theater in a Box Systems

Yamaha today announced five new Home Theater in-a-box (HTiB) systems supporting HDMI 1.4 and 3D video passthrough.

Yamaha YHT-693 5.1 system

Yamaha YHT-693 5.1 system

The announced HTiB systems are as follows; all have HDMI 1.4 inputs/outputs and support 3D video passthrough (to be enabled with planned firmware upgrade):

  • $399: YHT-393BL
  • $449: YHT-493BL
  • $549: YHT-593BL
  • $649: YHT-693BL
  • $849: YHT-893BL

The $549 and up models add Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer (YPAO), which compensates for the acoustic qualities of a room; they also add an iPod dock (which is now iPhone-certified), return audio through HDMI 1.4, and decode all authorized Blu-ray sound formats. The iPod dock is compatible with all systems ($99.95); a Bluetooth receiver is optional ($129).
All announced systems are 5.1 with the exception of the $849 YHT-893BL, which is 7.1. Most of the differences between the models lie in the speakers.
The $399 and $449 model both feature a 5x100W amp, a 100W 8″ sub, and compact two-way woofers, but the $449 model has larger two-way woofers.
The $549 and $649 model use the same 100W 8″ sub but use a slightly more powerful 5x105W amp; the $649 model uses larger 6″ woofers rather than the 2.75″ in the $549 model.

Yamaha YHT-893 7.1 system

The top-end $849 model has a 7x90W amp, and a 100W 10″ sub.
A Blu-ray or DVD player is not included with any of the systems.

A/V Receivers

Yamaha RX-V567 7.1 receiver

Yamaha also announced three new A/V receivers (AVRs). The models are as follows:

  • $249: RV-V367: 5x100W
  • $379: RV-V467: 5x105W
  • $479: RX-V567: 7x90W

These receivers are Yamaha’s first to support 3D video passthrough and HDMI 1.4. Feature support includes automatic lip sync, HDMI repeater, 120Hz PC refresh rate support, and 30/36-bit Deep Color compatibility.
Only the top-end $479 model includes 1080p upscaling of analog input formats. The top two models support all authorized Blu-ray sound formats, and YPAO.


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