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Best Buy Announces New Insignia 5.1 System

Written on Jun 22, 2010 by Charles Jefferies and filed under News

Best Buy announced its new Insignia 5.1 home theater audio system with Audyssey audio technology.

The Insignia Home Theater System is a complete 5.1 surround sound system with 110 watts per channel. It includes five speakers and a 120-watt subwoofer. It features three HDMI 1.4 inputs and one HDMI output which supports the new Blu-ray audio and 3D video formats. The system also includes a pre-programmed Universal remote.

The system’s Audyssey technology automatically adjusts quieter sections of movies and TV shows and levels out the sounds of loud commercials.

The system is now available exclusively at Best Buy for $399.

Best Buy Press Release

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