When Will Bose Go Blu-ray?

Written on Oct 13, 2008 by Brian and filed under Bose, News

Bose is one of the most visible home theater in a box system manufactures, in fact, they’ve been at the game longer than most other brands. But these high-priced systems are lagging many months behind competing brands that are bringing the latest technology to the market, like Blu-ray players. Has Bose lost touch with consumers?

Bose 3-2-1 System

Granted, the HD DVD battle was only won in the last year by Blu-ray, so it’s fair to expect some lag between Sony’s platform and integration with Bose’s HTiB systems, but still, Bose is being lapped by almost every other major player in the space.

How can it be that Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, JVC and seemingly every other brand who competes aggressively in the HTiB space can release updated models but Bose can’t, or refuses to. Bose, with their grand mall stores and brand-name premium needs to re-think the strategy and get to work.

Serious audiophiles often scoff at Bose because of their high price and lackluster performance in some areas, but Bose is still a respectable brand and one that has a lot to home theater system buyers. Their equipment looks nice and the speakers perform well. They were one of the first to push simulated surround sound and other now commonplace technologies. It’s time for Bose to get cracking again and bring Blu-ray and other new technology to their systems.

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